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Robinhood Review – Free Trades Anyone?

Robinhood isn’t quite stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, but, they are helping level the playing field for the poor (and mad) investor like you and me. In this review I will cover how you can trade stocks on Robinhood, how to use the research tools and provided and why Robinhood stands out from the crowd of traditional stock brokers.

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M1 Finance Review – Combines the Best of Robo Advisor and Brokerage

There are two type of platforms for investing in stocks – robo advisors for hands off investors and regular brokerages for active investors who want to pick their own stocks. But what if you want both or something in the middle. This is where M1 Finance nails it! In this review, I will be covering my thoughts on the platform as well as specific details on the strategies that I have used.

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